Annual Report
2015 - 2016

Our People

Board of Trustees

Current members

  • Geoffrey Hawtin
    (Chair), Private Consultant, United Kingdom/Canada
  • John Edward Hamer
    (Vice Chair) Private Consultant, USA
  • Graham Joscelyne
    (Audit Committee Chair)
    Managing Director Joscelyne + Associates, Inc., Republic of South Africa
  • Juan Camilo Restrepo
    Private Consultant, Colombia
  • Charles Rice
    Kansas State University, Distinguished Professor, Soil Microbiology, USA
  • Agnes Casiple Rola
    Professor of Public Policy, University of the Philippines, Los Baños, Philippines

Ex officio

  • Ruben G. Echeverría
    Director General, CIAT, Uruguay
  • Aurelio Iragorri Valencia
    Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR), Colombia
  • Ignacio Mantilla
    Rector, National University of Colombia, Colombia
  • Juan Lucas Restrepo
    Executive Director, Colombian Corporation of Agricultural Research (CORPOICA), Colombia

Left CIAT during the period covered by this report

  • Wanda Collins
    (Chair), International Agricultural Science Expert, USA
  • Ruth Oniang’o
    Founder and Executive Director, Rural Outreach Africa, Kenya

Joined CIAT during the period covered by this report (1 January 2016)

  • Nancy O. Andrews
    President and CEO of the Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF)

Office of the Director General

  • María Virginia Jaramillo, General Counsel
  • Luz Stella Gil, Executive Assistant
  • Maya Rajasekharan, Head, Program Coordination
  • María Fernanda Reyes, Secretary to the Board of Trustees and Management Team
  • María Cristina Rivillas, Administrative Assistant

Management Team

  • Ruben G. Echeverría, Director General
  • Mario Bernal, Head, Human Resources Management
  • Deborah Bossio, Soils Research Area Director, Kenya
  • Robin Buruchara, Regional Director for Africa, Kenya
  • Dindo Campilan, Regional Director for Asia, Vietnam
  • Andy Jarvis, Decision and Policy Analysis Research Area Director
  • Joseph Tohme, Agrobiodiversity Research Area Director
  • Maya Rajasekharan, Head, Program Coordination
  • Gloria Rengifo, Director, Finance & Administration
  • André Zandstra, Head, Partnerships & Communications

Left CIAT during the period covered by this report

  • Elcio Guimarães, Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean

Research Support

Program Coordination

  • Maya Rajasekharan, Head, Program Coordination
  • Perla Castillo, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
  • Martina Mascarenhas, Communications Specialist
  • Leroy Mwanzia, Data & Information Manager
  • Simone Staiger, Leader, Data, Information, and Knowledge

Partnerships and Communications

  • André Zandstra, Head, Partnerships & Communications
  • Shadi Azadegan, Communications Officer for Central America
  • Melanie Breiter, Donor Relations Manager
  • Carolina Jaramillo, Resource Mobilization Analyst
  • Stéfanie Neno, Communications Manager
  • Neil Palmer, Senior Communicator
  • Melissa Reichwage, Development Coordinator
  • Georgina Smith, Communications Coordinator for Africa, Kenya
  • Adriana Varón, Communications Coordinator for Latin America

Left CIAT during the period covered by this report

  • Stephanie Malyon, Communications Specialist, Kenya
  • Nathan Russell, Head, Communications

Finance and Administration

  • Gloria Rengifo, Director, Finance and Administration
  • Vilia Escober, Finance and Administrative Coordinator, Central America
  • Thao Hoang, Regional Administrative Coordinator, Asia
  • Wanjiku Kiragu, Head, Regional Operations, Africa
  • Carlos Meneses, Head, Information Technology
  • Luis Fernando Osorio, Manager, Financial Planning and Monitoring
  • Andrés Palau, Head, Facilities and Operations
  • Jorge Peña, Manager, Financial Operations

Human Resources Management

  • Mario Bernal, Head, Human Resources Management
  • Natasha Marulanda, Talent Management
  • Alice Kareri, Human Resources and Administration Coordinator – Africa

Research Areas

Joseph Tohme, Research Area Director
Mónica Casamachín, Executive Assistant
Claudia Zúñiga, Executive Assistant


  • Stephen Beebe, Bean Program
  • Fernando Correa, Rice Program
  • Daniel Debouck, Genetic Resources Program
  • Claude Fauquet, GCP21 Director (Consultant)
  • Eduardo Graterol, Executive Director, Latin American Fund for Irrigated Rice (FLAR)
  • Michael Peters, Tropical Forages Program
  • Wolfgang Pfeiffer, Global Director, Product Development & Commercialization, HarvestPlus

Left CIAT during the period covered by this report

  • Edgar A. Torres, Rice Program

Till June, 2016

  • Clair Hershey, Cassava Program

As of July, 2016

  • Luis Augusto Becerra, Cassava Program

Researchers – Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Elizabeth Álvarez, Plant Pathologist
  • María Fernanda Álvarez, Molecular Biologist
  • Jacobo Arango, Molecular Environmental Biologist
  • Stefan Burkart, Socio-economist
  • Juan Andrés Cardoso, Tropical Forages and Climate Change Specialist
  • Mónica Carvajal, Virologist
  • Hernán Ceballos, Plant Breeder
  • Paul Chavarriaga, Molecular Biologist
  • Wilmer Cuéllar, Virologist
  • Maritza Cuervo, Agronomist
  • Luciano de Campos Carmona, Rice Production Specialist, Brazil
  • Dominique Dufour, Food Science Specialist, French Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD)
  • Jorge Duitama, Researcher in Bioinformatics
  • Gerardo Gallego, Molecular Marker and Genomic Tools Specialist
  • Elżbieta Golemiec, Plant Cell and Tissue Culture Specialist
  • Cécile Grenier, Plant Geneticist and Breeder, Head of the CIRAD-CIAT Rice Project
  • Falguni Guharay, Research for Development Scientist, Nicaragua
  • Ryozo Hayashi, SATREPS-Rice Project Coordinator
  • Manabu Ishitani, Molecular Biologist
  • Mathias Lorieux, Geneticist, Head of French Institute of Research for Development (IRD)-CIAT Rice Genetics and Genomics Laboratory
  • John Miles, Plant Breeder
  • Gloria Mosquera, Plant Pathologist
  • Bodo Raatz, Plant Breeder
  • Idupulapati Rao, Plant Nutritionist and Physiologist
  • María Camila Rebolledo, Crop and Plant Physiologist
  • Manuel Ruiz, Bioinformatics Specialist, CIRAD
  • Michael Selvaraj, Crop Physiologist
  • Sandra Valdes, Genetic Transformation Specialist
  • Rein van der Hoek, Forage-based Crop-Livestock Systems Scientist, Nicaragua
  • Margaret Worthington, Plant Breeder

Researchers – Africa

  • Valente Aritua, Virologist, Uganda
  • Eliud Abucheli Birachi, Market Economist, Kenya
  • Rowland Chirwa, Plant Breeder, Malawi
  • Enid Katungi, Agricultural Economist, Uganda
  • Mercy Lung’Aho, Nutritionist, Kenya
  • Enock Maereka, Seed Business Development Specialist, Malawi
  • Clare Mukankusi, Plant Breeder, Uganda
  • Rachel Muthoni, Social Scientist and Monitoring and Evaluation Support, Uganda
  • Solomon Mwendia, Forage Agronomist, Kenya
  • An Notenbaert, Crop – Livestock Systems Specialist, Kenya
  • Birthe Paul, Forage and Soil Fertility Specialist, Kenya
  • Jean-Claude Rubyogo, Seeds Expert, Tanzania
  • Rodah Zulu, Nutritional Facilitator, Malawi

Researchers – Asia

  • Tin Maung Aye, Cassava Agronomist, Vietnam
  • Adrian Bolliger, Specialist in Livestock and Smallholder Systems, Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Lao PDR)
  • Erik Delaquis, Cassava Agroecology and Crop Health Specialist, Vietnam
  • Brice Even, Market Access Specialist, Vietnam
  • Nozomi Kawarazuka, Social Science and Gender Specialist, Vietnam
  • Phuong Dung Le, Impact Assessment, Vietnam
  • Vinh Le, Systems and Landscapes Specialist, Vietnam
  • Jonathan Newby, Rural and Resource Economist, Vietnam
  • Sok Sophearith, Agronomist, Cambodia
  • Tassilo Tiemann, Specialist in Forages and Livestock, Lao PDR
  • Cu Thi Le Thuy, Cassava Value Chains, Vietnam
  • Kris Wyckhuys, Cassava Entomologist, Vietnam

Left CIAT during the period covered by this report

  • Keith Fahrney, Cassava Agronomist, Vietnam
  • Brigitte Maass, Forage Agronomist, Kenya
  • Sospeter Nyamwaro, Project Coordinator, Sub-Saharan Africa Challenge Program, Uganda
  • Soroush Parsa, Entomologist and Agricultural Ecologist


  • Wolfgang H Pfeiffer, Global Director Product Development & Commercialization
  • Meike Andersson, Crop Development Specialist
  • Qadir Baloch, Country Manager, Pakistan
  • Khairul Bashar, Country Manager, Bangladesh
  • Sylvain Bidiaka, Country Manager Cassava, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Binu Cherian, Country Manager, India
  • Paul Ilona, Country Manager, Nigeria
  • Lister Katsvairo, Manager, Africa Region Partnership Countries, Zambia
  • David Kiiza, Crop Development Specialist, Rwanda
  • Antoine Lubobo, Country Manager Beans, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Sylvia Magezi, Country Manager, Uganda
  • Marx Mbunji, Manager, Africa Region Business Development, Zambia
  • Joseph Mulambu, Country Manager, Rwanda
  • Nicholas Mwansa, Maize Seed System Specialist, Zambia
  • Eliab Lloyd Simpungwe, Country Manager, Zambia
  • Elisabeth Talsma, Human Nutritionist
  • Patience Acanda Ubomba-Jaswa, Manager, Africa Region Market Development, Zambia
  • Parminder Singh Virk, Manager, Crop Development, India

Deborah Bossio, Research Area Director, Kenya


  • Juliet Braslow, Research Area Coordinator, Kenya
  • Lulseged Desta, Landscape Ecology, Malawi
  • Fred Kizito, Landscapes, Kenya
  • Rolf Sommer, Soil Health and Climate Change, Kenya

Researchers – Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Ngonidzashe Chirinda, Agroecologist
  • Mayesse Da Silva, Geomorphologist
  • Edwin García, Agronomist, Honduras
  • Mirjam Pulleman, Soil Ecologist
  • Pablo Siles, Soils and Agro-ecosystem Science, Nicaragua

Researchers – Africa

  • Justine Cordingley, Landscape Ecology, Kenya
  • Evan Girvetz, Climate Change and Soils, Kenya (Joint position DAPA/Soils)
  • Job Kihara Maguta, Soil Scientist, Kenya
  • Caroline Mwongera, Farming Systems & Climate Change, Kenya
  • Ravic Nijbroek, Landscape Scientist, Kenya
  • Kristin Piikki, Visiting Soil Scientist, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Kenya and Sweden
  • Katherine Snyder, Social Scientist, Kenya
  • Mats Söderström, Visiting Soil Scientist, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Kenya and Sweden

Researchers – Asia

  • Bui Le Vinh, Systems and Landscapes Specialist, Vietnam
  • Nguyen Nhiem, Climate-Smart Agriculture, Vietnam

Left CIAT during the period covered by this report

  • Diego Valbuena, Farming Systems Specialist, Nicaragua
  • Leigh Winowiecki, Soil Scientist, Kenya

As of September, 2016

  • Didier Lesueur, Senior Soil Microbiologist, CIRAD-CIAT, Vietnam

Andy Jarvis, Research Area Director
Rebeca Bolaños, Executive Assistant


  • Peter Läderach, Climate Change, Nicaragua
  • Mark Lundy, Linking Farmers to Markets
  • Marcela Quintero, Ecosystem Services

Researchers – Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Nadine Andrieu, Farming Systems Specialist, CIAT-CIRAD
  • Christophe Bene, Senior Policy Expert
  • Genowefa Blundo, Impact Assessment, Peru
  • Christian Bunn, Agricultural Economist
  • Ruben Coppus, Physical Geographer
  • Gisella Cruz-García, Social Scientist
  • Sylvain Jean Delerce, Agronomist
  • Anton Eitzinger, Spatial Analysis and Climate Change
  • Wendy Francesconi, Environmental Scientist/Liaison Officer, Peru
  • Carolina González, Agricultural Research Economist (Joint position CIAT–IFPRI)
  • Guy Henry, Sustainable Food Systems, CIRAD/CIAT
  • Fanny Howland, Anthropologist
  • Glenn Hyman, Geographer
  • Matthias Jäger, Value Chain/Market Specialist
  • Daniel Jiménez, Agronomy Scientist
  • Colin Khoury, Crop Diversity Specialist
  • Ricardo Labarta, Agricultural Economist
  • Andreea Nowak, Environmental Policy Specialist
  • Rafael Parra-Peña, Policy Analyst
  • Steve Prager, Integrated Modeling Specialist
  • Julián Ramírez-Villegas, Climate Change Modeling Scientist
  • Byron Alejandro Reyes, Scientist, Impact Assessment, Nicaragua
  • Louis Reymondin, Monitoring System Specialist
  • Jeimar Tapasco, Environmental Economist
  • Jennifer Twyman, Gender Analysis Specialist

Researchers – Africa

  • Christine Chege, Nutritionist, Kenya
  • Nicola Francesconi, Market Access Specialist, Uganda
  • Evan Girvetz, Climate Change and Soils, Kenya (Joint position DAPA/Soils)

Researchers – Asia

  • Brice Even, Market Access Specialist, Vietnam
  • Nora Rebeca Guerten, Climate Risk Management Specialist, Vietnam
  • Pham Thi Mai Huong, Economics and Marketing, Vietnam
  • Jonathan Newby, Rural and Resource Economist, Lao PDR
  • Louis Parker, Geo-spatial Analyst, Vietnam

Left CIAT during the period covered by this report

  • Tesfamicheal Assfaw, Impact Assessment Economist, Vietnam
  • Caitlin Corner-Dolloff, Climate Change Adaptation Specialist
  • Sharon Gourdji, Crop–Livestock Modeling Scientist
  • Maria Johanna Koningstein, Social Scientist
  • Nelson Mango, Rural Sociologist, Zimbabwe (Joint position DAPA/Soils)

Regional Offices


  • Robin, Buruchara, Regional Director, Kenya
  • Wanjiku Kiragu, Head, Regional Operations, Kenya
  • Boaz Waswa, Program Coordinator, Kenya


  • Dindo Campilan, Regional Director, Vietnam
  • Stefan De Haan, Regional Program Management Officer, Vietnam
  • Thao Hoang, Regional Administrative Coordinator, Vietnam

Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Wendy Francesconi, Peru Technical Liaison Officer (Lima)
  • Libardo Ochoa García, Program Coordinator (Bogotá)
  • Byron Alejandro Reyes, Nicaragua Technical Liaison Officer (Managua)

Left CIAT during the period covered by this report

  • Diana Toscano, Colombia Technical Liaison Officer (Bogotá)

CGIAR Initiatives

CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)

  • Bruce Campbell, Director, Denmark
  • Ana María Loboguerrero, Regional Program Leader for Latin America
  • Osana Bonilla-Findji, Science Officer
  • David de Abreu, Knowledge and Data Sharing Coordinator
  • Deissy Martínez, Scientific Officer
  • Julián Rivera, Manager Finance Contracts and Liaison
  • Arame Tall, Senior Risk Management Scientist, USA

Left CIAT during the period covered by this report

  • Angela Samundengo, Manager, Finance, Contracts, and Liaison

Agronatura Science Park

  • Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA)
  • Contact: Claudia Patricia Vélez, Head (in charge) ICA office at CIAT Headquarters
  • Corporation for the Development of Biotechnology (Corporación BIOTEC)
    Contact: Myriam Sánchez, Director
  • Foundation for Agricultural Research and Development (Fidar)
    Contact: José Restrepo, Director
  • International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)
    Contact: Luis Alberto Narro
  • Latin America Fund for Irrigated Rice (FLAR)
    Contact: Eduardo Graterol, Executive Director